Delivery Manager

You enjoy building and leading high-performing Delivery organizations to ensure the construction of digital products is secure. You are committed to ensuring the right conditions for the client and teams to deliver successfully. Then join NEMO!


  • You have at least 5 years of experience in project management in complex and possibly multi-team contexts.
  • You have technical expertise and at least one significant experience in the quality and organization of agile projects (continuous improvement, transformation, etc.).
  • You are a master of communication, and you want to be a reference in coordinating ambitious, innovative, and challenging projects.
  • You combine methodological rigor and practical pragmatism while demonstrating empathy for the profession.
  • Methodology, technology, sharing, and innovation are essential values for you.
  • You have a sense of human contact, respect for people, and beautiful products that you enjoy creating together?
  • If you have answered "yes" to several of these questions, this job offer is for you.


At NEMO, our traditional clients are public organizations or companies in full transformation to which we bring our technological and methodological expertise to develop innovative products or services together.

As a Delivery Manager, you will accompany our clients in the implementation and execution of project(s).

Your missions:

Serenely animate the client relationship:

Ensure the interface with the client, understand their issues and needs, continually adapt the solution to best respond while guaranteeing contractual commitment.

Supervise and lead one or more teams:

Build multidisciplinary teams, aligned with the challenges and needs, help the teams synchronize in a complex and uncertain context, communicate effectively, and remain attentive to ensure the right level of commitment and motivation of the collaborators throughout the mission.

Ensure the smooth running of projects:

Ensure good implementation conditions, raise human, financial, planning, or customer alerts to guarantee customer, team, and NEMO satisfaction.

Accompany the team on methodological aspects:

  • Upgrade the team's skills
  • Promote agile values
  • Promote continuous improvement, autonomy, and responsibility
  • Participate in pre-sales actions:
  • Win new exciting missions for the Nemos.


But what we are looking for, above all, are personalities who will enrich NEMO.

We recognize them by their drive to participate in improving the life inside the company, to build the vision and offers of tomorrow, to share their knowledge to facilitate mutual upskill.

To join, finally, a community who isn’t afraid to assert its individuality.

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