Devops Engineer

You have excellent technical skills and leadership abilities. You believe you can share your values and expertise to achieve our clients' digital transformation, and do so with audacity and pleasure. You are eager to learn and take on new challenges? Then join Nemo Technology.


  • You have experience in development within a DevOps environment.
  • You have mastered the creation and development of environments that allow for continuous integration and deployment of applications, and are familiar with the organization practices of RUN in SRE mode.
  • You have experience with automation solutions such as Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, and public Clouds such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.
  • You have good listening skills and are passionate about sharing knowledge and new technologies. You strive for excellence, have a customer-oriented mindset, and are not afraid to question the client's solution if it is not the most appropriate.
  • You are eager to join a community of specialists who value continuous learning and practice evolution.


NEMO works on missions related to digital transformation (digital factory, creation of customized solutions/applications, architecture consulting, etc.). We work in an agile manner and differentiate ourselves through our expertise and our way of doing things.

Your missions:

  • You are in charge of building large-scale infrastructure products.
  • You accompany our clients in the implementation of their solution, while integrating with their teams.
  • As a technical and methodological specialist, you ensure quality throughout all project stages.
  • You are responsible for stability, control change quality, and seek to rationalize and automate solutions.
  • You facilitate collaboration between development, system, and infrastructure teams.


But what we are looking for, above all, are personalities who will enrich NEMO.

We recognize them by their drive to participate in improving the life inside the company, to build the vision and offers of tomorrow, to share their knowledge to facilitate mutual upskill.

To join, finally, a community who isn’t afraid to assert its individuality.

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