Software Engineer

You enthusiastically embrace the practices of eXtreme Programming and the CRAFT manifesto. You believe that there is no agility without technical excellence and that working in a development team is above all about facing communication and sharing challenges. You enjoy sharing your expertise and know-how in software development.


  • You cultivate your art and constantly seek better ways of doing things.
  • You have at least 3 years of experience in development.
  • You are comfortable with one or more languages (Java, JS, PHP, Python...) and are interested in different paradigms: object-oriented, functional or constraint programming...
  • You are curious about many fields of computer science: web, mobile, Cloud, IoT...
  • Your are in search of excellence, customer relations are key in your daily life and you know (or want to learn how to) challenge them in order to bring new and different perspectives.
  • You have good listening skills and your willingness to share with others knows no bounds.
  • You enjoy defending your ideas and convincing your interlocutors.
  • You want to confront and contribute to a community of experts for whom the evolution of practices and continuous learning is particularly meaningful.


NEMO takes part in assignments on impactful digital transformation (digital factory, solutions creation / customized applications, advice on architecture…), we work in accordance with agile methodologies and we are differentiated by our expertise and our way of going about things.

Your missions:

  • You support the development team on software quality. Your practices: TDD, code reviews, pair programming...
  • You code with the team and carry the technical vision of the product as a technical specialist.
  • You interact with the development team, business, and managers to streamline and facilitate the product realization.
  • You participate in the NEMO Academy training offer and train our clients, for example, in TDD, Clean Code, or DDD.
  • You participate in audits mandated by our clients on topics such as code quality, team dynamics, or software architecture.


But what we are looking for, above all, are personalities who will enrich NEMO.

We recognize them by their drive to participate in improving the life inside the company, to build the vision and offers of tomorrow, to share their knowledge to facilitate mutual upskill.

To join, finally, a community who isn’t afraid to assert its individuality.

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